Timberline Services

Timberline Billing Service submits claims weekly or monthly for all of the allowed school based Medicaid reimbursements. Each state covers different services, so we work with state officials to ensure we are submitting the appropriate services for our clients.

Advantages of Contracting with Timberline Billing Service, LLC for Medicaid Reimbursement:

  • Full customer service from start to end
  • No upfront costs in most states
  • No additional staff required
  • Monthly reports fit the state Special Education format
  • Knowledge of procedures and documentation required for Medicaid reimbursement
  • Ongoing consultation and communication with experts on new policies and coverage
  • Thorough calculation to assure maximum value of Medicaid services reimbursement
  • Provide student counts of Medicaid Eligibility required for Administrative Claiming (in states with a MAC program)
  • Coordinate and assist Medicaid agency requests to LEAs (i.e. annual cost studies and claim reviews)
  • Quality assurance performed on a quarterly basis
  • Review of rejected claims for possible resubmission
  • Students eligible for TBS Scholarship
  • Webinar Training Sessions: With all of the changes in Medicaid claiming, both at a national level and within the individual states, training of staff is vital to the appropriate documentation of services. We provide specific training for staff that exceeds that of any billing service. In addition to the webinars, online tutorials are available from T-TRAK.

    Quality Assurance: This is a unique feature for our clients and has proven to be a tremendous benefit. We have updated our Quality Assurance process to include a scoring system that will assist our client districts with determining specific issues. If you are using another vendor as your billing service, do they provide a quarterly review of your documentation? Or do you only see them once or twice a year? We believe in supporting our clients all year.

    Commonly Asked Questions:We provide space in our Newsletter for "commonly asked questions" by our clients. We will continue to provide updates on questions and concerns from our clients in all of the states we support.

    Electronic Claims: TBS has created an e-mail address for clients interested in filing log sheets electronically. TBS has also created an electronic health records application (web-based T-TRAK) for those states and clients with desire to submit services online.

    TBS Scholarship Awards: TBS has a scholarship fund that is designated exclusively to students with IEP's residing and attending within a district that is a client of Timberline Billing Service, LLC. Please see brochure for information, or visit T-TRAK for an application.