Iowa Medicaid Services

Timberline Billing is proud to be a full service company providing Medicaid claiming support for our clients. This means we do not charge extra for training time, access to our proprietary service entry system, access to state policy experts for answers to questions, or our unique Quality Assurance service. All of these benefits are included in our base contract.

Timberline Billing has Coordinator staff that travel to our clients for training and support. We work with our clients to customize the training to fit the staff needs and purpose for claiming. We pride ourselves in having the most staff located in the states we support.

Timberline Billing has the most extensive Quality Assurance service in the industry. Our staff will go to the client every three months to ensure documentation is appropriate. Many clients have commented that they want to be sure and keep the Medicaid funds they receive. Our proprietary process provides our clients with the comfort that they do retain the funds from Medicaid.

Timberline Billing staff stay connected with Iowa Medicaid and Iowa Department of Education staff in order to fully support our clients. This connection allows our company to be abreast of any policy changes and share that with our clients. Many times, our feedback and efforts at the state level benefit all education agencies in Iowa.

Timberline Billing is proud of our ability to customize the Medicaid claiming process to fit the specific needs of our clients. While some clients are comfortable with continuation of the paper service documentation, others prefer our paperless option thru our propriety service entry system called T-TRAK. Even if the client staff are completing paper log sheets, we work with them to allow various mediums for getting the information to us for processing the claims.

Since 2011, Timberline Billing has been awarding at least $10,000 every year thru the TBS Scholarship program. Client students planning on pursuing their education past high school are eligible to apply for one of the five $2,000 scholarships awarded annually. We are proud to give back to our community, which includes those students that attend our client districts.

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